Hi and welcome to this space!

I’ll be sharing my artworks here – past present and in progress – to get out of relative isolation and to air and share some of the stuff that i do. It has turned into a showing of process blog rather than a gallery of finished works.

I studied at Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, Cape Town and although i majored in sculpture, the bulk of my final exhibit was drawing and painting with a sprinkling of small bronzes. Before studying i sketched, wrote, travelled, partied, lived. I’ve exhibited kind-of regularly since, but not recently due to the arrival of one small human who has rather taken over my life. I’ve sold numerous works over the years from these exhibits and via word of mouth from my home studio.

I’ve had many other jobs – some good, some bad and some just for the money. And in the gaps i create – because i can, because i have to, because it’s what i do, because it keeps me sane etc etc.

Recently i took it upon myself to learn traditional or ‘proper’ oil painting technique (since in the past i have predominantly drawn with compressed charcoal, my favourite, and then ‘coloured in’ with oils) and although it’s a huge learning curve i am loving the (no doubt lifelong) challenge.

I’ve also taken on the monumental task of painting portraits of my rather large immediate and extended family in watercolour, with pastel and charcoal overlays when necessary, and am now moving into doing some with oil and canvas.

On another note i am completely enamoured with computers and animation and the fantastic visuals that can be created within the digital realm, with or without traditional art input. I enjoy digital collage and improvising live visuals with musicians. Although i have so much to learn (especially technically, i just want to make moving pictures!) this medium is very exciting and produces unexpected, interesting results.

Thanks for looking!

you can check out some of my older work here:  http://zara-moon.blogspot.com/ and on my Facebook page

One response to “hello

  1. Love the idea of showing the old chronology of self-portraits… I’ve occasionally thought about something similar but too disorganised to even find old stuff! Thanks for coming by my blog too!

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