watercolour sketch – Deidre (ma)

Friday’s sketch, my mother. She started to look very witchy, but i managed to resolve that and when i told her she exclaimed “But I do look like a witch”! Had problems with squashing the features too much to begin with, which has been a bit of a theme with these portraits so i must watch that in the future and try to elongate them from the start.  This one turned out quite illustrative, which is fine, but i feel myself returning to old habits of relying on line instead of light, shadow and colour.

ma01 by Zara-Moon Arthur  ma03 by Zara-Moon Arthur  ma04 by Zara-Moon Arthurma05 by Zara-Moon Arthurma06 by Zara-Moon Arthurma10 by Zara-Moon Arthurma12 by Zara-Moon Arthurma last by Zara-Moon Arthur

studio wall crop Zara-Moon Arthur


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