watercolour sketches

I finally bought my boy (who is 2 and 4 months, into everything with enthusiasm) some cheapish watercolours and paper since i was just letting him use my windsor and newton acrylics, not so cheap. We’ve had fun,  i think i’ve been having more fun than he has and have ended up digging into his materials! I’m not used to transparency and being unable to ‘cover’ up with thicker layers. I do like how fast it is, and could definitely get into experimenting (i might have to buy myself some ‘adult’ watercolours!).

K by Zara-Moon Arthur K green by Zara-Moon Arthur

This one below pissed me off so i wiped it with my hand in frustration….then came back later and worked into it some more. At this point i wished that the medium was thicker! I think it will be fun to draw on top of future painting sketches.

blurry by Zara-Moon Arthurblurry 02 by Zara-Moon Arthurblurry 03 by Zara-Moon Arthur

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