argyroderma 05

So i decided to go all out warm and colourful with the background instead of realism…magenta, lemon yellow, cadmuim orange, cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson, white and some burnt umber. I think I’ll do more of these argyroderma’s as they are so interesting, and so that i can experiment some more. I went in with white to get crispness in the splits. I could definitely do more work, glazing shadows and toning down the white, perhaps less harsh brushmarks on the flower (more magenta less pinky-white). I haven’t yet decided whether to just leave it and get on with the next, or continue refining details. It’s a happy picture and went up at Spencer Street Studio’s end of year exhibition along with my double portrait, yay!

argyroderma05 01 by Zara-Moon Arthurargyroderma05 02 by Zara-Moon Arthurargyroderma05 03 by Zara-Moon Arthurargyroderma05 04 by Zara-Moon ArthurArgyro on wallthe boys by Zara-Moon Arthurexhibit02exhibit

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