last painting group for 2013

It’s been a whole year of painting group – learning about each others processes and new techniques, about self and other artists, similarities and differences. Our last session involved making a collage about the solution to a personal problem we had to hold in our mind before quickly ripping images with as little conscious thought as possible. The results were surprising and revealing for us all – a simple yet very effective exercise. We then painted a portion of the collage using complementary greys (some more much needed learning about colour mixing). A slideshow and dinner followed to round off the year, niiiice!

collage by Zara-Moon Arthur collage cup02 by Zara-Moon Arthur collage cup04 by Zara-Moon Arthur collage cup06 by Zara-Moon Arthur collage cup07 by Zara-Moon Arthur collage cup to paint by Zara-Moon Arthur girl by Zara-Moon Arthur girl cup03 by Zara-Moon Arthur girl cup01 by Zara-Moon Arthur girl cup04 by Zara-Moon Arthur girl cup02 by Zara-Moon Arthur

Below are some pictures that Katherine Bull took at the session – there’s me without my long locks, back to short hair after 10 years.

IMG_8080_web IMG_8081_web IMG_8088_web IMG_8089_web IMG_8083_web IMG_8094_web IMG_8098_web IMG_8092_web IMG_8091_web

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