LPM – done!

Oh how i would love to report back that our performance was a mindblowing success….but alas! No! We were scheduled for stage 2, big room, beautiful large screen, friendly and interesting LPM team and contributors, a great event. Then we’re up and…the laptop and monitor are not seeing each other despite two tech people and myself hovering, pulling out cables, putting them back, turning off/on in different combinations and it’s just not happening (think it was the lightningbolt to VGA cable causing issues). We almost give up, try one last time and there’s the preview on the monitor, OK!

The korg midi controller i’d practiced with would not work despite never giving trouble at rehearsals, but that’s ok too, use the clumsy trackpad and forfeit a lot of the smoothness of the piece, but no matter, LET’S DO THIS!!

A few minutes in (it’s happening we’re doing it woohoo!) i glance back at the screen (to see how awesome my work looks large, naturally) and….my visuals were in a small dark rectangle at the uppermost left hand corner with the rest of the screen a large black blank. AAAAAAAAHH. AHHHHHH. We carried on regardless, but my stomach just sank down and down – in addition Brydon was not playing his best, unable to see his black controls and pedals, so we ended it early. Our audience were super nice and clapped and cheered but i ducked behind the setup and snuggled with the cables.

“It happens”. Life lessons etc. A great after party and supportive peers made it alright.

I sincerely hope i get another opportunity on a big screen. Otherwise i may opt for installation next time, exchange the thrill/terror of performance for the relative stability of do the work, set it up and leave. There you have it!

facetime4 by Zara-Moon Arthur


4 responses to “LPM – done!

  1. In the 70s they called such a thing a happening and declared it art. Just pretend it was part of the show 😉
    That image looks very nice!

  2. What a disappointment, but it sounds like you’ve picked yourself up and dusted yourself off for whatever your next event might be. Way to put yourself out there and go for it!

  3. Thank you! Yes, i’m learning to face my fears and get out there, then get over it when there’s no real “perfect” and have a bit of a sense of humour about it all. Support and encouragement makes it worth it 🙂

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