tea paintings

Our painting group got together on Saturday – this time to paint with tea, a subtle process. I used chamomile (yellow) and rosehip (beautiful red which dries blue-grey). Due to long drying time, we weren’t able to complete many layers, but i think the effects could be quite beautiful with patience and more layers. We brought images of people who inspire us: i chose the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, the singer/pianist Tori Amos and the writer China Mieville (as well as just doodling my own thing to see the effects). It’s close to watercolour technique but much more layer intensive and the edges dry with a definite ‘tea’ mark, which is specific and compelling. There was the added bonus of a delicious smelling workspace!

basquiat smll by Zara-Moon Arthur tori smll by Zara-Moon Arthurtori cup smll by Zara-Moon Arthur mine smll by Zara-Moon Arthur china 01 smll by Zara-Moon Arthur china02 smll by Zara-Moon Arthur mine 02 smll by Zara-Moon Arthur


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