Yousuf (Uncle, Rufus)

I jumped in and continued with the family portraits (it’s been a while!) in watercolour, pastel and charcoal. I chose a bit of a difficult picture, what with the downward/sideways angle of my uncles face (and the hint of a smile to boot!) but i like the happy soft quality of his face. When i moved the eyes down about halfway through it started to look more like him, but there are still issues with the nose and the features are somewhat skew. However it’s good enough for a reintroduction into portraits, and it does capture him in a moment despite not being technically correct.

me painting by Zara-Moon ArthurjpgMy almost 3 year old son has taken to photography – this is one of his.

Y06 by Zara-Moon Arthur Y09 by Zara-Moon Arthur Y10 by Zara-Moon Arthur Y12 by Zara-Moon Arthur Y13 by Zara-Moon Arthur Y14 by Zara-Moon ArthurY2 by Zara-Moon Arthur Y2 05 by Zara-Moon Arthur


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