into at new music indaba

Our performance went well on Friday night at the New Music Indaba 2013. Here are some set-up shots. We got positive feedback and have been invited to perform at the Unyazi Electronic Music Festival next year – here’s to Into getting out there to share our specific brand of odd! My only complaint is that the performance seemed to short, i wanted more. Brydon was pretty intense on the double bass (as usual), and Frank went quite nuts at times on the vibraphone and cymbals (he made me jump out of my skin once or twice). Now that i have a handle on resolume and my images are working, i need to focus on using midi controllers, mapping and multiple projectors. I particularly enjoyed rehearsing in the space alone, with the seriously involved piano practice of Jill Richards happening next door…we made some very private audio-visual magic that even she doesn’t know about!

100_4810100_4737Yes, i read a lot of, and adore, science fiction and ‘speculative’ fiction, which definitely informs some of  the visuals. Brydon doing his intense double bass bowing thing below.100_4754 100_4758 100_4772 100_4777Enjoying taking the image down to it’s most basic components.100_4778 100_4763100_4788Some of my drawings coming to life – we’ll have to do a recording/DVD soon so you can see them moving with the music. 100_4790 100_4723Brydon getting geeky setting up for the last piece which involved live looping of Frank’s cymbal bashing and field recordings. 100_4801 100_4803 100_4820Looking serious before going on. 100_4715And a more relaxed self-portrait while setting up!

You can see rehearsal snapshots/screenshots here and here.

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