painting group

Some of our painting group managed to get together to experiment with a wonderful technique painting with oil on copper plate. After preparing the plates using elbow grease (rags, brasso, and garlic!), we coated them with a burnt sienna, french ultramarine and solvent mixture. After that it was a case of pushing paint in, wiping away and allowing the image to emerge, with alchemical accidents thrown in along the way!

group_copper-painting Tom_copper-painting_start Moon_copper-paintingMoon_girl-on-copperKatherine Bull ( ) took the above photo’s at the session. My plate was too liquid to transport, so i continued at home a few days later with fresh layers of paint/solvent. For me the most wonderful thing was watching the painting transform before my eyes, like an animation, so many mutations along the way…the decision being when to stop and which image to stablise. Due to the reflective nature of the copper, it was hard to get photo’s that accurately show the effect, but i hope you get the idea.

copper 02 by Zara-Moon Arthur copper03 by Zara-Moon Arthur copper04 by Zara-Moon Arthur copper05 by Zara-Moon Arthur copper08 by Zara-Moon Arthur 09 by Zara-Moon Arthur copper 09 by Zara-Moon Arthur last 02 by Zara-Moon ArthurThe photo is me when i was a wee one. I have another plate which i am definitely going to have some fun with!


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