week at work in progress

I’ve spent the last week at Work In Progress, the open studio gallery-shop, and have managed to make some new small works on mounted board. They are in an old style of mine, which involves scribbling like crazy and then bringing out images from the chaos – it’s been fun to revisit the freedom, chance and subconscious nature of this technique (as opposed to my recent works in realism and portraiture).

desk 01 by Zara-Moon Arthur night 01 by Zara-Moon Arthurnight by Zara-Moon Arthur blue beginnings by Zara-Moon Arthur blue 01 by Zara-Moon Arthur blue fin  by Zara-Moon Arthur blue cup Ant bw big by Zara-Moon Arthur Ant 02 by zara-Moon arthur I’m also painting in a big old architecture book that a friend gave me…the paper is thick with a nice cream colour and working with the images below is fun. Perhaps i will fill it up as fat sketchbook/artwork in itself.

book by Zara-Moon Arthur Fire 03 by Zara-Moon Arthur Fire cup by Zara-Moon Arthur tendrils by Zara-Moon Arthur tendrils cup by Zara-Moon Arthur

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