digital sketches & stills

Shaking Hands by Zara-Moon ArthurStill haven’t managed time in the studio (instead attending to annoying but insistent details like money, survival and home maintenance) but am making copious lists of to do’s and sorting-arranging shite. So here are some stills from past experiments in After Effects and Photoshop. Having printed one of my digital images on canvas for the Hotel Verde in Cape Town ( ) I’m hoping to raise some funds and print more since they translate well and look good in ‘real life’ as opposed to just on screen.

birth 1st by Zara-Moon Arthur Frostbite beginning by Zara-Moon Arthur black and white explosion by Zara-Moon arthur grid by Zara-Moon Arthur orange chaos by Zara-Moon arthurgrey sketches 02 by Zara-Moon arthur white space chaos by Zara-Moon Arthur orange particles by Zara-Moon Arthur white space by Zara-Moon arthur orangw by Zara-Moon Arthur diatome in space by zara-Moon arthur red grid by Zara-Moon Arthur frostbite flutterbyes by Zara-Moon Arthur Frostbite by Zara-Moon Arthur orange explosion by Zara-Moon Arthur

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