square landscape – finished

Right, think it’s time to leave this one alone. Happy with the telephone pole, not so happy with the fat wires (shaky hand, not great tiny brushes and definitely not used to doing fine detail anymore!). I could refine the lines, and go into the vegetation again, make the fence poles thinner, details details…however i’ve decided to let it be and put it up to look at for a while.

square landscape done by Zara-Moon Arthur square landscape done cup 03 by zara-Moon Arthur square landscape done cup 04 by zara-Moon Arthur

And settling in on the wall beneath one of my wax collages.

square landscape on wall by Zara-Moon Arthur

12 responses to “square landscape – finished

      • yes i have looked at your drawings, i particularly like the flower/decay/still life ones. The very detailed shells are beautiful, i’ve tried numerous times to draw shells and usually give up in frustration, so well done for your patience!

      • thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Always keep in mind that everything in nature is created in the golden ratio and you could measure a shell first to draw it perfectly. Hope you understand, what I mean. It’s a bit difficult in a foreign language. Have a nice week-end regards Mitza

      • hi, yes i do understand, but have to admit that i shun measuring somewhat and prefer freehand, even when that means the results are ‘wrong’. You too and keep drawing/painting πŸ™‚

      • You don’t have to shun and there is no right or wrong, as long as you have fun and other like what you do. Sometimes it’s good to paint out of the stomach. πŸ™‚

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