2 landscapes – 04

Carrying on with these little guys….worked on the mountains with glazes to make them fade into the background atmosphere instead of standing out as much as they were, and tweaked the sky, putting in a wispy cloud. That done i realised that the foreground was waaaay too green-yellow, so warmed it up with red-browns/cream/darker greens. It may be slightly too pink but at least it brings the vegetation forward. I haven’t touched the telephone pole for a while so need to detail that and put in the lines, possibly the snow on the mountains (although everytime i’ve tried it looks so glaring that i wipe it off, so maybe not), and then it’s done i think.

Square almost 03 by Zara-Moon Arthur Square almost 04 by Zara-Moon Arthur Square almost done by Zara-Moon ArthurMoved this one on slightly, lightened the sky dramatically and warmed up the background, which was very green when in actual fact it is more brown and earthy with bits of dark green. Will focus on it when the little one above is done. And then perhaps a large canvas landscape to try out all i’ve learnt in a more free and large format.

vert end june a by Zara-Moon Arthur vert end june f by Zara-Moon Arthur

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