watercolour sketch – Nic (brother)

Ah Nicholas! I tried once and couldn’t quite get him…it was an old photo and he was looking down (you can see it at the bottom of this post), i had to abandon it eventually as the paper was overworked. The only other sketch in this series that i have had to do twice is Gabriel’s (https://zaramoon.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/watercolourpastel-sketch-gabriel-gorby-brother/). I hung out with him over the weekend and took some photo’s and gave it another go. The result is not completely him (his hair is much darker, eyes not so blue) but i am happy with the picture itself.

nick01 by Zara-Moon arthur nick03 by Zara-Moon arthur nick04 by Zara-Moon arthur nick04 eyes by Zara-Moon arthur

nick04 eyes2 by Zara-Moon arthur

At this point, although i liked the image, it wasn’t Nic – so after much looking i moved the right eye and eyebrow down, moved the shoulder up, the ear and cheek in, and changed the hair. I also moved the mouth down and changed it’s shape, which really made a difference. The rest was trying to integrate these changes!

nick06 by Zara-Moon arthur nick07 by Zara-Moon arthur nick10 by Zara-Moon arthur nick10 cupby Zara-Moon arthur

nick final by Zara-Moon Arthur nick13 cup03 by Zara-Moon arthur nick10 cup2 by Zara-Moon arthur

Here’s the first attempt. I really like the hair, it’s more accurate than the hair above in colour and texture, but i couldn’t get his nose or mouth to look right.

1st Nick by zara-Moon Arthur

And my lovelly box of tricks!pastels01 by Zara-Moon arthur chaos colours by Zara-Moon Arthur

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