watercolour sketch – Lucy (Lulu, sister)

My lil’ sister Lucy, or Lulu as my son insists on calling her. I bought new paper and since it’s a better quality than the last it absorbed the paint differently, hence the very sketchy/streaky quality in the beginning which i had to learn to work with. I particularly enjoyed getting lost in her huge eyes and am happy with the shadows and highlights there. Her skin colour was a challenge as she’s ‘caramel’ (her words), with a range of browns pinks yellows and reds, and i haven’t quite captured the colours correctly (a bit too much yellow) but you get the idea i hope (and a bit of the attitude!).

lulu 01 by Zara-Moon Arthur Lulu 02 by Zara-Moon Arthur Lulu 05 by Zara-Moon Arthur Lulu 07 by Zara-Moon Arthur Lulu 10 by Zara-Moon ArthurLulu 10 cup04 by Zara-Moon Arthur Lulu 10 cup01by Zara-Moon Arthur Lulu 10 cup03 by Zara-Moon Arthur

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