watercolour sketch – Rafael (Raf, brother)

Raf has saved the day by NOT being completely difficult to paint, thank you! Choosing a profile helped for if it had been face-forward i think there would have been more of a challenge.  The lamb chops are perhaps too dark and emphasized, and his eyes should be lower down, but on the whole it actually looks like him, hallelujah. I did overwork it somewhat so some luminosity has been lost – i struggle to leave my pictures alone and incessantly fiddle fiddle fiddle, need to learn lessons in when to stop and just let it be. I only have one piece of watercolour paper left and dwindling funds, so may have to work on my canvasses again until i can get new supplies.

Raf 01 by Zara-Moon ArthurRaf 02 by Zara-Moon ArthurRaf 04 by Zara-Moon Arthur Raf 07 by Zara-Moon Arthur Raf 08 by Zara-Moon ArthurRaf last 01 by Zara-Moon arthur Raf cup by Zara-Moon arthur


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