watercolour/pastel sketch – Gabriel (Gorby, brother)

So, this doesn’t actually look like Gabriel…there are elements, moments that are him, but as a whole no. I did however put an inordinate amount of time in trying to capture him (i tore up the first attempt and haven’t stopped tweaking the second) and so i am calling it quits for now and putting it up anyway. I like the kind of ‘epic vision’ pose, an explorer looking into the distance. His mouth and nose were impossible, but the high cheekbones, jaw and hair were fun. I may try a different photo at a later date to get a closer likeness. Although the lower levels were watercolour i ended up doing lots of pastel and charcoal on top, so i don’t know if this is a drawing or a painting, or if that really matters.

G 01 by Zara-Moon Arthur G 04 by Zara-Moon Arthur G 06 by Zara-Moon Arthur G 10 by Zara-Moon Arthur G 14 by Zara-Moon Arthur G 16 by Zara-Moon Arthur G last by Zara-Moon Arthur cup02

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