two landscapes – underpainting

I’m part of an informal group of artists who are meeting once a month –  each session is taken by a new person who explains how they work and then we try to do something their way. Thomas ( has taken two sessions – his method is almost the exact opposite to how i work (i.e precise, measured, using ratios, plotting points, working everything out beforehand) and i have to say that i struggled and itched and had ants in my pants just wanting to start instead of planning. I work out my measurements by eye, freehand, through trial and error, sometimes extremely frustrating and i end up doing many corrections as i go, but that’s how i work and it works for me. Eventually i had to cheat and did some freehand drawing because the maths was making my head hurt. We had coffee and muffins though, and sat in the sunshine, so it’s all good. The square landscape is on a sanded gesso board, the vertical one has been primed with acrylic. It’s nice to be doing something totally different and on a small scale.

square landscape prep by Zara-Moon arthur square pencil by Zara-Moon arthur square landscape undercoat by zara-Moon arthurvert landscape prep by Zara-Moon arthur vert landscape pencil by Zara-Moon arthur vert landscape underpainting by Zara-Moon arthurIt’s also really cool seeing how everyone else works, different choices and styles, that’s why this kind of group thing is helpful and interesting.

mine table group prep 03 group prep 04 group prep 06 group prep 07 group prep 01 group prep 09 group prep 02

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