watercolour sketch – Ivor (father, or Oupa Ivvies)

Another challenging one – when you go through all the process pictures (of which i’ve only included a few) it’s as if i was painting a couple of different people! I particularly struggled with the mouth, and his hair is way too dark, but i got the hunched up posture and ear just right. I ended up correcting some areas with pastel in the end because i was a bit heavy handed with the paper and it was taking strain. Although the likeness is not completely accurate, there is something of the man captured in the end.

ivor 02 by zara-Moon Arthur ivor 04 by zara-Moon Arthur ivor 06 by zara-Moon Arthurivor 08 by zara-Moon Arthur ivor 09 by zara-Moon Arthur ivor 10 by zara-Moon Arthur ivor 12 by zara-Moon Arthur ivor 14 by zara-Moon Arthur studio wall by Zara-Moon arthur


2 responses to “watercolour sketch – Ivor (father, or Oupa Ivvies)

  1. I love seeing the process of a painting like this. Very cool insight. I have a song I recently wrote that I’m sharing with visual artists called “Watercolor.” I would be honored if you listened to it off my blog: http://wp.me/p3mOze-m. It is downloadable, too.

  2. thanks very much, i’m really interested in the process and development at the moment, without getting too hung up on ‘perfection’ or the end product. And for the song, lovelly šŸ™‚ (PS also a gemini)

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