Kiaat & Anna – back in action

Finally worked up the courage to continue with this canvas….and it felt really good to squeeze out luscious oils again! I started with a thin burnt umber glaze over the whole thing just to get it receptive and take away the pressure, and then slowly but surely got into it (having to push through the thoughts of ‘i don’t know what i’m doing’ to get to the enjoyment part!). I got a bit stuck at the end with Kiaat’s hand so it’s a weird colour and proportion right now, and Anna’s eyes and mouth look a bit creepy but details to follow next session. The background also needs attention, i tend to get stuck into the figures and kind of ignore it. Otherwise I’m happy to be getting into it again!!

set-up by Zara-Moon Arthur setup02 by Zara-Moon Arthur

K n A 03 01 by Zara-Moon Arthur  K n A 03 05 by Zara-Moon Arthur    K n A last by Zara-Moon Arthur

And for some close-up’s since you can’t really get the scale or see the brush strokes in the above photo’s.

K face 01

K face 05 Kiaat 06   K cheeck 09  K arm 03 K arm 09   Anna face 02Anna face 03b Anna hair 06 Anna arm 06Anna cheek 05 Kiaat 01 Kiaat 03  Kiaat 07 Kiaat 10Anna 01 Anna 07


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