watercolour sketch – sister Sam

My lil’ sister, looking decidedly pixie-vampire in this portrait (she is pale, but not this pale!). I enjoyed this composition, filling the page instead of  face-forward with space around the head, as well as painting tendril hair using paynes grey and pthalo or ultramarine blue. So now i have my two dads left, and my twin brothers, and the little brother and adopted sister, then there are uncles and aunts and cousins, and my family-in-law andandand….well, i might have to draw the line at some point!

Sam 02 by Zara-Moon Arthur Sam 04 by Zara-Moon ArthurSam 05 by Zara-Moon ArthurSam 06 by Zara-Moon ArthurSam 07 by Zara-Moon ArthurSam 09 by Zara-Moon ArthurSam 14 by Zara-Moon Arthurportrait wall by Zara-Moon Arthur


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