watercolour sketch – Brydon

ahhh…thought this one would be easy, my husband, i love him, know that face back to front right?  Wrong!! So wrong! This one was a pain in the arse because i got the proportions wrong in the beginning and spent loads of time trying to rectify that… still not right but ‘acceptable’ at least, and so managed to salvage it. Two in a row, leave it and move on to tomorrow!

B01 by Zara-Moon Arthur B03 by Zara-Moon Arthur B05 by Zara-Moon ArthurB06 by Zara-Moon Arthur  B08 by Zara-Moon ArthurB12 by Zara-Moon Arthur  B14 by Zara-Moon Arthur     B final01 by Zara-Moon Arthur B final cup01 by zara-Moon Arthur  B close-up02 by Zara-Moon Arthur

2 responses to “watercolour sketch – Brydon

  1. Sure, I’m learning too and figuring out what works the more I do. It’s really quite a feat to get all the elements working together in a face – anatomically correct, light, colour, proportions, and that person’s ‘essence’. All I can do is keep practicing!

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