A strange session…this canvas is basically finished, just some details, fiddly. The red jersey was toned down drastically as those heavy coloured brushtrokes on the sleeve were standing out too much. I tried to bring out the buttons a bit (perhaps a little more?) and darkened his pants as they were still underpainting, though I may put a little detail back in there. The lines where the arm bends in the grey jersey were adjusted (that bend has been a pain in the arse, the creases have moved up and down numerous times!). I put a bit of yellow into the background right and over my sons cheek, and some magenta background left. I am very tempted to go over the whole background in a thick colour, but perhaps save that for next painting? I worked a little on my husbands face, (eye sockets, lips, line of the neck) he may need a bit more colour glazed over as he appears a bit sallow now. And in my mind i start preparing for the next one (or couple), to apply all i have learnt here!


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