unyazi 2012


So here i go where i haven’t dared to for years: the realm of improvisation and performance, with none of the safety of creating work in isolation, putting it up and running away! The vehicle is into, a trio comprised of Brydon Bolton (double bass, glitches, field recordings), Frank Mallows (vibraphone) and myself (visuals). I’m excited and have really enjoyed working with movement and music, where time stops mattering and it’s all about the moment. Here are a few more snapshots from rehearsals….wish me luck for Fri night!

5 responses to “unyazi 2012

  1. HI Moon, this looks like an excellent event. Good luck with the event and make sure someone documents it on video. Would love to see the improvisation but will be in Slaap stad.

  2. thanks Anwar! Taking old camera and tripod to DIY in case no-one is filming it there. This is hopefully the beginning of a whole new arena for me so let’s stay in touch re:visuals!

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  4. thanks so much, it was fun to experiment with something different. There are so many possibilities it can get overwhelming, but i guess that’s exciting too

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