second session painting

I was apprehensive about continuing on this canvas since i felt it went so well the first time and was afraid of messing it up – silly i know, but these are the mind games that go on! So i went at it tentatively at first, just putting in some reddy-pinks over the burnt umber to slowly get a feeling for it again.

I then moved in with some purple and green…

and started darkening with blue-purple…

more and more…

tired of the purple i moved on to some rich reds…

and got annoyed with going over the same shadows and forms so shmooshed in the top with magenta-red, to make a big break from what i had been doing…

putting colours into the jersey…(technicoloured dreamcoat!)

deepening colours-shadows-folds…

at the last moment i darkened hair and eyebrows. I seem to have avoided the faces somewhat, a little scared i think, and haven’t touched the background since the beginning. Those little hands are looking a bit like claws but i’m trying not to stress, there are layers yet to come. All in all progressing nicely, moving forward and learning how to paint yeehaaa!


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