2 dudes : in progress doll sculptures

With me it’s not about lack of ideas, it’s about focusing and finishing all the various half-done bits n bobs i already have lying around. I started sewing these doll-sculptures in 2010. They lurk about the house and studio in various stages of completion, haunting me, ‘why don’t you love us anymore? Finish us, for gods sake woman!!’ Here are two dudes, their heads at least, and a body. When will i tend to them? After learning to paint with oils, refreshing my drawing skills, finishing my first (half done) quilt, maybe some ceramic tiles, finishing old photoshop collages, arranging past works into proper categories, oh and carving into wood and i also want to write and and and there’s that little almost 2 year old running all over me and i have to make money to eat and and and….happy friday!


3 responses to “2 dudes : in progress doll sculptures

  1. I’m impressed. These gentsare in a delightfully creepy state of incompletion… but could that actually be a fantastic metaphor for the “work-in-progress” that is life?

    Maybe we are all unfinished dudes.

  2. Thanks for looking at my post, I do like your half finished dolls. I have many half finished creations and some of them are born out of a need just to create something , anything, it’s the process that can be enough and sometimes just to play!

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